The Mission of the Tucson Fire Cadet Program is to promote Strength of Character through Firefighter Training, Education, Physical Fitness and Selfless Community Service.

Choosing a career can be a difficult choice. Tucson Fire Department Cadet Program offers high school students the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in the firefighting profession.

Classroom Education and Hands-On Training In:

  • Fire Prevention
  • Hose and Hose Handling
  • Fire Science
  • Aerial Ladder Climbing
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Contact with the Tucson Fire Department on a regular basis
  • Earn Ride-Along Privileges
  • Opportunity to Become a Cadet Lieutenant
  • A Mentoring Program; Should you decide to test for a position of the Tucson Fire Department

Accepted Candidates Must:

  • Maintain 80% on all exams
  • Participate in all hands on activities (including physical fitness program)
  • Follow ALL rules and regulations of the Tucson Fire Department, AND the laws of:
    • The City of Tucson
    • The State of Arizona
    • The United States
    • The Federal Government


  • Good character
  • Good physical condition
  • 14 - 18 years of age
  • Provide own transportation
  • Be recommended by a high school vocational or career counselor
  • Must have completed Freshman year of high school

Applicants must successfully complete a multi-step entrance procedure consisting of:

  • Complete application and delivery by posted closing date.
  • A one-hundred word essay on: "Why I want to be a Tucson Fire Department Cadet"
  • A fifteen minute interview

An application can be obtained through your high school counseling center or below.

Fire Cadet Application (pdf)