Training: Post-Academy


After a recruit successfully completes the Tucson Fire Department’s Recruit Training Program, they are promoted to firefighter and will complete the remainder of their 18-month probationary period assigned to Tucson Fire engine and ladder companies.

During this period, probationary firefighters will reinforce and expand their knowledge and skills in firefighting and EMS through continued training and education. Probationary firefighters are subject to periodic evaluations and must successfully complete a series of written and practical exams as well as additional oral board interviews.

Probationary firefighters are full-time Tucson Fire employees and work a unique schedule.

Three shifts (A, B, and C) work a rotating schedule known as a three-four shift schedule. Each shift will work 24 hours on and then get 24 hours off. After working three shifts (with 24 hours rest in between), firefighters then get four consecutive days off.

Life at a fire station can be busy. A typical 24-hour shift consists of daily work duties, participating in physical fitness training, firefighting drills and responding to medical, fire and other emergency calls. Firefighters live together at a station for 24 hours at a time.

Busy shifts can be both physically and mentally challenging, as there is no guarantee that crews will get a full night sleep on any shift. Tucson Fire responds to over 100,000 emergency calls each year, both fire and medical, while providing outstanding customer service.

Pre-Academy Training: During Academy